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Our Temple

The Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK is located in Dagenham, Essex and is part of the Nichiren School of Buddhism (Nichiren Shū 日蓮宗) . The Temple was established in 1997, and the current Chief Minister is the Rev. Kanto Tsukamoto Shōnin.

Nichiren Shū is a confederation of lineages descending from the major disciples of Nichiren Shonin, a Buddhist monk born in Japan in the 13th Century.

The Head Temple of Nichiren Shū is Kuon-ji Temple, which is situated on Mt. Minobu in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Our Practice

By practising and studying the Buddha's teachings, and the Lotus Sutra in particular, we aim to develop wisdom and compassion, be happy, at peace, and of value to society.

We believe that the Buddha is eternal, as revealed in the teachings of the Lotus Sūtra, and that Buddhism is available and applicable to all people in any time period. We believe that Nichiren Shōnin was a messenger of the Buddha who has guided us in how to cultivate our Buddha nature, a quality inherent in all beings. The path to true liberation and happiness is found and discovered through the practice and study of Buddhism based on a deep level of faith in the Buddha’s message.

While there are many different forms of Buddhist practice, the primary practice of Nichiren Shū is chanting the Odaimoku (Sacred Title), of the Lotus Sūtra: "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo". The Odaimoku expresses the essence of the Buddha's teachings, and by chanting it we can establish a way of life consonant with the eternal truths preached by the Buddha. 

We exist to support the practice of Nichiren Shū Buddhism within the UK, which can enrich people's lives, and bring, peace, happiness, wisdom and compassion.

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Our  temple  relies  on your support and contributions  to  survive.  Your  contributions  enable  us to meet the costs of running the temple,  run  activities  and  make teachings available. All donations are very gratefully received.  Thank  you.

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